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June/July 2021

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What we’ve been doing…

Workshop with the LINCS Scientific Committee (21-22 June 2021)

Most of the international renowned members of the LINCS Scientific Committee participated in our annual joint WS. Here the video recordings of their talks:

  • Prof. Ajmone-Marsan (Politecnico of Turin) on “Queuing Models of Radio Access Networks Offering Streaming and Elastic Services”         
  • Prof. P.R. Kumar (Texas A&M University) on “Security of Cyberphysical Systems”
  • Prof. Jim Kurose (University of Massachussets) on “From artifacts to systems to people: evolving directions in computing research and education”
  • Prof. Holger Karl (Paderborn University) on “Machine Learning for Network Management”
  • Prof. Leandros Tassiulas (Yale University) on “Enabling intelligent services via function virtualization at the network edge”
  • Prof. Roch Guerin (Washington University in Saint Louis) on “Edge Classification: Offloading under Token Bucket Constraints”

Here the video recordings of two survey talks on the research activities @LINCS given by:

Recent awards

  • Théo Delemazure received at Comsoc 2021 the award for the best student poster for the work he did during his internship at Lincs (NBLF).
  • Lou Salaün has been awarded of the first PhD thesis prize of the IDIA Department for his research, conducted at LINCS under the co-supervision of Marceau Coupechoux (TP) and Calvin Chen (NBLF), on resources allocation in NOMA.

Talks at LINCS seminar

(check the videos at the following links!)

Internet Measurements Reading Group

(check the videos at the following links!)

Network Theory Working Group

(check the videos at the following links!)

Python Workshop

(check the videos at the following links!)

New researchers at LINCS

  • Thomas Le Corre (Intern Inria)
  • Marianna Belotti (PhD Sorbonne – cifre Caisse Dépôts)
  • Simone Galimberti (Intern Sorbonne)
  • Léonard Lys (PhD Sorbonne – cifre Palo IT)
  • Gabriel Rebello (PhD Sorbonne – cotutelle Brasil)
  • Juan Villacis (Intern Sorbonne)
  • Rosario Patané (Intern TélécomSud-Paris)
  • Breno Skuk (Intern Télécom-Paris)
  • Omid Chehreh Gosha (Intern NBLF)

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