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December 2023

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Landmark events

Hello everyone,

We’ve had a wonderful time filled with engaging seminars, twin lectures, reading groups, PhD thesis defenses, guests, prizes, newcomers, goodbyes, and social moments so far here @LINCS since our latest newletter !

Stay with me and I will tell you everything!

LINCS achievements

📜 Calvin’s Best Paper Award

Congratulation to Calvin for his work conducted alongside with Dr. Siu-Wai HO, visitor researcher from Adelaide University, sponsored by LINCS in the past.

They have been awarded Best Paper and Optoelectronic Technology Innovation for the article « Visible Light Communication Based Positioning Using Color Sensor, » at the IEEE Optoelectronics Global Conference, 2023.

👨‍🎓 Ayoub Thesis Defenses

Congratulations to Ayoub, who successfully defended his thesis titled « Artificial Intelligence for Resource Allocation in Multi-Tenant Edge Computing« . Here depicted in his moment of pride!

LINCS newcomers

🤓Alexandre PHAM, doctorant

Please everyone welcome Alexandre, a PhD student at Sorbonne Université. He is currently studying on how to build secured decentralized federated learning system under the supervision of Professor Maria Potop-Butucaru. Hence, his research topic is about Machine Learning and Distributed Systems. He is also interested in other interactions between different fields of Computer Science.

LINCS goodbyes

✈️Paulo MARQUES, visiting student

We wish all the best for Paulo’s career! He spent two months with us at LINCS, but he is back in Canada now. Goodbye Paulo, it was a pleasure to have you here !

LINCS platforms for collaborative work and communication

👨‍💻 Overleaf@Lincs

Lincs hosts an overleaf server (community edition) and Lincs members and their collaborators can use it to access overleaf features for free, without timeout limitations!

Overleaf@Lincs is available at ; contact Fabien Mathieu (fabien.mathieu(at) to get an account ; If you plan to invite other people, you can ask for the right to create new users.

👉 DISCLAIMER: while we do our best efforts, we cannot give 100% guarantee on your data, i.e. the server may crash. We recommand to do regular backups on your own:

  • Using the « download archive » feature on the main menu;
  • Alternatively, you can install OverLincs Git (, which will give you git-like synchronization with your local computer (OverLincs Git also allows you to work locally on your projects, provided that you have a working Tex distribution).

🙋‍♀️LINCS Slack

We have a Slack channel so we can stay in touch wherever you are. Need to check who’s at Palaiseau? Organize an after-hour at Butte-aux-Cailles? Ask for quantum advice? Join the LINCS Slack by sending your email to Fabien Mathieu (fabien.mathieu(at) !

Please consider that if you have an email with the following domain:,,,,,, you can directly subscribe using this link:

What’s coming next!

« Goûter »party before winter break

🍰 December 20th, 4 pm, Room Hedy Lamarr

As the winter break is approaching, it would be fantastic for us to come together in Room Hedy Lamarr on Wednesday, December 20th, at 4pm, and catch up before we all head off for the winter break!

To make it more special, how about some of us voulunteer to bring one of their favorite treats to share with others, creating a delightful variety for everyone to enjoy ? Personnaly, I feel obliged to bring some « panettone »!

Coming Talks, Reading Groups and Twin Lectures @ LINCS


🎤Practical Networks

🎤Network Theory

🎤Tools, Tips and Tricks

🎤Twin Lectures

As part of the Communication Network Day, the dates for the upcoming Twin Lectures will be communicated to you via email and in the next newsletter.

Coming International Thematic Workshops @ LINCS

We are glad to anticipate a very busy schedule of enriching and stimulanting activities next year !

What we’ve been doing…

Comunication Networks Day

Please consider that the recording of this activity won’t be published on our website.

  • «Critical real-time in cellular networks», a Twin Lecture by Catherine Rosenberg (University of Waterloo, CA) and Ke Feng (Inria) – October 13
  • «3GPP Standardization at Nokia Bell Labs and Its Interactions with Research», Twin Lecture by Luis Uzeda Garcia and Stefano Paris, (Nokia Bell Labs) – November 3, November 17
  • «Pushing Programmability to the Edge and beyond: the Evolutions of Mobile Networks Architecture towards Smart Radio Environments», Twin Lecture by Antonio Capone (PoliMI), Andrea Araldo & Tijani Chahed (IMT) – December 1
  • «Wireless Network Optimization: From Algorithm Design to Field Trials», Twin Lecture by François Durand and Lorenzo Maggi (Nokia Bell Labs) – December 8

Previous talks at LINCS seminar

🎞️(check the videos at the following links!)

Previous Practical Networks Reading Groups

🎞️(check the videos at the following links!)

Previous Network Theory Reading Groups

🎞️(check the videos at the following links!)

Previous Tools, Tips and Trics Reading Groups

🎞️(check the videos at the following links!)

The Fun Zone

🥳 Souvenir from Anna’s « goûter » farewell party

Anna is the former office manager @LINCS who left recently.

🎥Lunch with Gianluca Matarrese, flourishing film director

At the canteen, a small group of LINCS people had the pleasure of sharing a table with film director Gianluca Matarrese. He revealed to us that, among his flourishing production, he also directed the documentary « Maison neuve », about Telecom-Paris relocation from Paris 13 to Palaiseau in 2019. He kindly provided us with the link to watch it. If you’re curious, here it is :

👧Greetings from the three most recent LINCS office managers!

In a recent informal gathering, the three most recent LINCS office managers enjoyed a moment of connection and camaraderie. Sending warm regards to the entire team, celebrating the spirit of collaboration and the bonds that connect us all!

Room Hedy Lamarr (4C06)

As you might know, Hedy Lamarr is the winner of the online survey to name our shared scientific exchange room after a female scientist. She was an Austrian-born American actress (1914 – 2000), inventor of the Frequency-hopping spread spectrum, a technique used in GPS, WIFI, and Bluetooth.

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