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November 2021

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Special event hosted by LINCS on October 21st: “Big Thought Time Talk” by Nokia

Laurent Massoulié (Inria) was invited in LINCS premises to give his talk on “Fast Distributed Optimization with Asynchrony and Time Delays”. The hybrid event was attended by LINCS researchers in our seminar rooms in avenue d’Italie and on-line by fellow researchers, especially the Nokia community on the US east coast. Here the link to the video recording.

What’s coming next!

Coming talks at LINCS seminar


Network Theory


  • Ludovic Noirie (NBLF) – Chaos Engineering (Nov. 17)
  • Michel Davydov (Inria) – SIR Random Graphs (Dec. 8)

Python Workshop


  • Maxime Mouchet (Sorbonne) – PyCharm (Nov. 24)
  • Maxime Mouchet (Sorbonne) – Testing in Python (Dec. 15)

Internet Measurement


New researchers at LINCS

Ke Feng (Inria) is a new postdoc @LINCS. Ke received the B. Eng. in information engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China, in 2016. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA, in 2019 and 2021 respectively. Her scientific interests include wireless communications, networks, and stochastic models.
Wei Huang (Télécom-SudParis) is a new PhD student @LINCS. Wei received the master degree in advanced wireless communication systems from CentraleSupelec (2020) and the bachelor degree in electronic and information engineering from Xidian University (2018).
Cédric Koukoui (NBLF) is a new Intern @LINCS. Cédric is currently at the end of Engineering’s cycle in telecommunications and networks systems.
Alice Di Carlo (Sorbonne) is a new intern @LINCS.

+ Alessandro Spallina (Télécom-SudPairs) is a new engineer @LINCS.

+ Claire Bizon Monroc and Lucas Weber (both from Inria) are new PhD students @LINCS.

What we’ve been doing…

Talks at LINCS seminar

(check the videos at the following links!)

Network Theory Working Group

(check the videos at the following links!)

  • François Baccelli (Inria) – Processus de Poisson de lignes et d’hyperplans (Oct. 6)
  • Pierre Popineau (Inria) – Fluid Limits (Oct. 27)

Python Workshop

(check the videos at the following links!)

Internet Measurements Reading Group

(check the videos at the following links!)

PhD thesis defense

Arnaud Cadas (Inria) defended his thesis on « Stochastic matching models and their applications to demand-supply balancing » (Nov. 08)

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