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December 2021

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First of all, let the LINCS wish you all a happy and regenerating holiday period!

What’s coming next!

Coming talks at LINCS seminar


Network Theory


  • Michel Davydov (Inria) – SIR Random Graphs (Jan. 12)
  • Lorenzo Maggi (NBLF) – Modélisation du canal wireless (Feb. 02)

Python Workshop


  • Maxime Mouchet (Sorbonne) – Testing in Python (Dec. 15)
  • François Durand (NBLF) – Developping in Python (Jan. 19)

New researchers at LINCS

Amirhesam Badeanlou (Intern – Télécom-Paris) is master’s student at Polytechnic in Turin, Italy. He has co,e to Paris and has joined LINCS to work on his master thesis under the supervision of Professor Araldo. His research focuses on public transport accessibility: his work explores the impact of line frequencies on accessibility using open data.
Thomas Le Corre (PhD – Inria), after finishing his internship at LINCS, working with EDF, is pursuing his path at Inria joining the PhD program under the supervision of Prof. Ana Busic.

PhD thesis defense

Quentin Lutz (Télécom-Paris/NBLF) will defend his PhD thesis on February 9th (2-5 pm).

What we’ve been doing…

Talks at LINCS seminar

(check the videos at the following links!)

Network Theory Working Group

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Python Workshop

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Internet Measurements Reading Group

(check the videos at the following links!)

PhD thesis defense

Arnaud Cadas (Inria) defended his PhD thesis on « Stochastic matching models and their applications to demand-supply balancing » (Nov. 08)

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