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January/February 2022

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What’s coming next!

Coming talks at LINCS seminar

Network Theory

  • Matthieu Gouel (Sorbonne) – Humble application of stream graphs theory on internet topology (Feb. 23)
  • Lorenzo Maggi (NBLF) – Modélisation du canal wireless (Mar. 16)
  • Petr Kuznetsov (TP) – Sigma and Omega (Apr. 06)

Python Workshop

  • Matthieu Gouel (Sorbonne) – Object Oriented Programming (Feb. 09)
  • François Durand (NBLF) – Object Oriented Programming (Mar. 02)
  • David Coudert (Inria) – Sagemath (Mar. 23)

New researchers at LINCS

Eloise de Carvalho Rodrigues: (Nokia) PhD student working on « Radio Resource Allocation for Autonomous Robots »
Mateus Pontes Mota: (Nokia) PhD student working on « Deep Reinforcement Learning for Radio Resource Management »
Andrei (Télécom-Paris) PhD student working with prof. Petr Kuznetsov on « Distributed computing and the theoretical foundations of blockchain »

PhD thesis defense

Quentin Lutz (Télécom-Paris/NBLF) will defend his PhD thesis on « Graph-based contributions to machine learning » on February 9th (LINCS seminar rooms 2.30-5.30 pm).

What we’ve been doing…

Talks at LINCS seminar

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Network Theory Working Group

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Python Workshop

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Internet Measurements Reading Group

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