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May 2024

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Landmark events

We are glad to announce that LINCS has a few newcomers that joined us this months. Stay on this page to get to know them better!

For your information, here at LINCS, with the end of May, the Wednesday morning reading group cycle also comes to an end, for this year. The coordinators Francesca Bassi and François Durand will be happy to plan the next season.

However, there are still available slots for the Wednesday afternoon seminar talks, so feel free to apply.

Lincs newcomers

Francesca Fossati (Sorbonne Université)

Francesca currently holds the position of Associate Professor, and her research focuses on resource allocation problems, particularly fairness and resource allocations for congested networks. She has also worked on reinforcement learning algorithms for VNF scaling in 4G and 5G cores. Her expertise includes game theory, optimization, and machine learning/AI approaches to model and solve these problems.

She has already participated in LINCS seminars and collaborates with several LINCS members on papers and projects in different contexts. We are glad to announche tha she is now associated member of the LINCS.

Elena Nardi (Sorbonne Université)

Elena is a Research Engineer within the Dioptra team and her primary focus revolves around Iris, an open-source platform for orchestrating a specific set of network route probing measurements from multiple Internet vantage points.

Elena has a Ph.D. in Physics from Aix-Marseille University and a
Master’s degree in Data Science. Prior to joining the Dioptra team, she worked for several years as a consultant for R&D projects funding.

Sayed Kazemi (Sorbonne Université)

Saied is a Research Engineer within the Dioptra team and his primary focus revolves around Iris, an open-source platform for orchestrating a specific set of network route probing easurements from multiple Internet vantage points.

He has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and has extensive industry experience. Prior to joining the Dioptra team, he was a senior software engineer at Google for nearly a decade.

Saied’s expertise spans several domains, including computer architecture, cloud computing, and kernel development within Unix-like operating systems.

What’s coming next!

We are organising the LINCS PhD DAY and the LINCS Annual Workshop with the Scientific Committee, which will take place on 27-28 June. Please save those two dates if you are a LINCS member.

Coming Talks & Reading Groups

Seminar Talks

  • Feel free to apply.

Practical Networks

  • See you after summer break !

Network Theory

  • See you after summer break !

Tools, Tips and Tricks

  • See you after summer break !

What we’ve been doing…

Previous Talks & Reading Groups

(follow the links to watch the talks recordings!)

Previous Seminar Talks

Previous Reading Groups on Practical Networks

Navigating 5G Virtualization: Constructing a Kubernetes Cluster for Seamless Deployments by Massinissa Ait-Aba (IMT)

Previous Reading Group on Network Theory

Previous Reading Group on Tools, Tips and Tricks

Room Hedy Lamarr (4C06)

This is our social room. As you might know, Hedy Lamarr is the winner of the online survey to name our shared scientific exchange room after a female scientist. She was an Austrian-born American actress (1914 – 2000), inventor of the Frequency-hopping spread spectrum, a technique used in GPS, WIFI, and Bluetooth.

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